On June 2, 1986, The Carolina Opry opened its doors for the first time. Not only was this new entertainment the first show to open in Myrtle Beach, but it was the only show in the area for seven years after its grand debut. The impressive variety of live music shows is traced back to one man, Calvin Gilmore, and his vision that first-rate entertainment could thrive along the Grand Strand.

The Carolina Opry quickly outgrew its original location, so in 1991, Gilmore broke ground on the 2,200-seat state-of-the-art theater that The Carolina Opry now calls home. The Carolina Opry remained the standard that others tried to live up to and was one of the few theaters to remain not only standing but successful through this period.

Going on its 37th year of award-winning live entertainment, The Carolina Opry brings shows to the Grand Strand throughout every season. The classic Carolina Opry show blends two hours of high-energy music, comedy, and dance. Time Warp showcases the best music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s blended with rich multimedia screens, special effects, and elaborate costuming. The Christmas Show of the South brings stunning changes every year, but the show always blends beautifully with time-honored traditions to create an unforgettable holiday experience with friends and family.

As the only show on the Grand Strand to have a local owner who performs, produces, and directs his own show, Gilmore’s dedication, creativity, and courage brought theater to the Grand Strand and can be credited for the industry’s success today.

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