Eat Like the Locals

New York Prime
405 28th Ave. N
Myrtle Beach, SC

At New York Prime we strive to be the Mercedes of steakhouses by offering the very best. And you can be sure at New York Prime the “Mercedes experience” is a good deal, considering the quality. NY Prime serves only USDA grade prime for every cut of beef – including filets. Their steaks are aged a minimum of 4 weeks for extra flavor and cut to the exact weights shown on the menu. Strip and porterhouse cuts are trimmed of fat leaving just enough for proper cooking, and the porterhouse is a true porterhouse with both filet and strip sides. They don’t call a T-bone a porterhouse or serve a 16 oz. strip steak with 14 ounces of steak and 2 ounces of fat. The filets are barrel cuts only – no gristle, no chains (the thin piece of meat hanging on the side of the filet) and no V-cut heads. Essential to a total dining experience. NY Prime servers bring your food to the table at a pace that is comfortable – not too slow or too fast, striving in every way to graciously serve you as you wish.


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