Well-prepared and delicious, a good meal is one of life’s pleasures, and an important part of any vacation is enjoying your favorite foods. Locally, trained chefs prepare a dizzying variety of cuisines for your dining pleasure. Seafood, of course, is served in every way imaginable, from the traditional Murrells Inlet or Calabash seafood platter to fresh and tasty sushi or a perfectly grilled piece of freshly-caught fish drizzled with a rich, complex sauce.

A regional favorite, shrimp and grits, comes to your table piping hot, creamy and – unforgettable! Oysters are another local favorite and depending on the time of year, can be eaten steamed, fried or on the half shell. Our local blue crabs are a delicacy steamed, prepared as crab cakes or in she crab soup. Be sure to take note of the chef’s specials wherever you choose to dine – these are usually a good choice and are only available for a short time.

Barbeque is another popular South Carolina dish, but even within the state, there is an ongoing and sometimes heated debate over which type of sauce is the best. Our coastal area prefers a spicy, vinegar-based sauce, and can be found at many local barbeque restaurants, paired with sweet potatoes, coleslaw, rice and, always, banana pudding.

There are plenty of family-friendly chains along the Grand Strand. Most children we know love Mexican food, and there are plenty of choices, from easily recognizable chains to locally-owned cantinas. More for the grown-ups and a favorite of locals, our Thai restaurants are some of the best in the region. From cheesy, tomato sauce-covered Italian to a tender, juicy filet, there is a meal for every appetite along the Grand Strand.

Bon appétit!

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